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LordMinion777 Streams For The Kids

Earlier this year, hundreds of people made their way to Florida to experience Extra Life United and meet a few of the amazing children that Extra Life works to help every day of the year. One of the people in attendance this year was Wade Barnes, who participated in a panel on charity streaming while there. The experience he had at that event has left him motivated to incorporate Extra Life into his life – and into the lives of his nearly 1.6 million fans on YouTube.

Barnes, better known by hundreds of the thousands of his fans as LordMinion777, wants to do good in the world. “Every kid deserves to be fought for by as many people as they can get,” he said to Extra Life. “If we can chip in just by doing a stream here or talking to somebody there to raise a little bit of money to help a kid have a better quality of life, then it’s worth it. It’s not a big ask on our part.”

This weekend, Barnes will stream for 8-10 hours beginning on Saturday, September 21st at 2pm EST. The stream will feature a variety of fun audience participation events and donation incentives. LordMinion777 at one point floated the idea of makeup challenges and a period of time set aside for games involving the audience. The current games being considered for the stream include: Days Gone, Uno, Tabletop Simulator (featuring a variety of digital board games), and more.

The goal for the stream has been set at a whopping $10,000 USD for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. To give his fans the motivation needed to hit that goal, Barnes has said that he will be willing to bring back his popular Dead by Daylight stream for a limited time. He might even do it on the stream tomorrow if he and his community are able to reach the goal in time.

Another special feature of the stream will be playing a modded version of Minecraft called Pixelmon with the audience. Fans interested in playing alongside LordMinion777 can do so by downloading base Minecraft as well as a modding platform called Technic Launcher. Through Technic Launcher, players will need to download a mod called Pixelmon Generations and then join the Pokeninja server and select the Heart Region. Barnes hinted that he might be giving out special keys that unlock unique and otherwise unobtainable Pixelmon in the game.

This will be the first stream Barnes has done to support Extra Life, so please show up and give him support throughout his marathon! Be sure to check out his stream on Twitch and, if you can, help him meet his goal of raising $10,000 USD For The Kids.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!