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Thanks to Cincinnati Area Dairy Queens for a fantastic Miracle Treat Day!

We want to thank all of our local Dairy Queen partners for their participation and support on Miracle Treat Day, July 25th. What an awesome day full of Blizzards and giving back! We are always so grateful for your efforts.

We’d also like to thank Dairy Queen for giving our visiting Champion kids an amazing experience! Here’s what Nicole, mom of Champion kid Kate, had to say about her experience at the Harrison Dairy Queen:

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job in raising money for Cincinnati Children’s.  I was completely overwhelmed with your above and beyond dedication to this cause.  Seeing your store covered, literally covered in balloons from donations made me smile so big.  You did not stop there though.  You brought the fun.  We will definitely be sharing our experience tonight.  From the bottom of our heart.  Thank you.”

Here are some photos of our Champions enjoying the day!