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Costco Cares for Kids at Cincinnati Children’s

During the month of May Costco Warehouse employees take an active role in caring for kids in the communities in which they do business by raising money for kids at Cincinnati Children’s. Costco didn’t do it alone. It was, in large part, thanks to the generosity of Costco shoppers, who have made donations one dollar at a time. May is for Miracles,  their register fundraising campaign, a paper balloon is displayed in honor of each member who makes a donation. Over 30,000 balloons, in 3 local Costco locations were sold to raise over $60,000!

We can’t thank Costco employees enough for their support and enthusiasm around the campaign.

The Kerl family, a Cincinnati Children’s Champion family, visited the Deerfield Costco location to thank employees for their support and hand out Smiley Face cookies. Skylur, age 8, has had 3 open heart surgeries at Cincinnati Children’s.  Funds from the Costco Campaign help support families through education, equipment, research and treatment.